Why Mobile Device Management Software Needs to Be Considered and Added Now


Mobile device management, or Mdm software will support virtually any device, from a smartphone to a tablet to a mobile POS device. This is a small list of what mobile device management software will cover, but it represents how undeniably important a system like this is for an enterprise that aims to protect its proprietary data and keep employees’ phones from disseminating private information out into the public. Through implementing mobile device management systems, companies can gain strength in their security operations without ever skipping a beat.

Mobile management has never been this important, nor has it ever been this simple to get and implement. This perfect cohesion of right time, right place mentality means companies should take charge now to invest in their own mobile device management software so everything and everyone is protected. More employees than ever today are bringing their own mobile devices to work, with Juniper Research estimates putting it at 150 million this year and at about 350 million two years from now. With overall business smartphone use expected to inch up to 62 percent of the market by 2014, companies are smart to choose their mobile device management software wisely, and to choose their mobile device management software now.

Why is now such a great time to invest in mobile device management software? Because we are about to enter a new year in which new possibilities and new technologies will come into the fold. Some of those possibilities could be thwarted if an enterprise did not implement a mobile device management software program that protected its information, and some of those technologies could be just the thing that thwarted such efforts. Protection now is essential because of the dire need to keep private information about a company private.

Now is the perfect time too because of the increased use of cloud computing, in which mobile devices can be integrated over a cloud network with an enterprise’s in house systems with very little effort on anyone’s part. The software does virtually everything, allowing for updates and protection against theft from any employee on the network who uses a mobile device for work. Cloud computing is one of those opportunities that enterprises should take a chance on now for future success as well, as mobile ad spending is predicted to rise to $20.6 billion by 2015 and as more and more companies realize the true benefits of protecting their information.