Android in the Enterprise

Android in the enterprise

Mobile device management systems can help businesses take full advantage of a BYOD policy, which involves employees using their own device for work. Using Android in the enterprise arena is proven to be a productive venture for both small and large business owners. Android device management needs to be implemented in order to avoid cyber threats that are created every day. In other words, the benefits of using Android in the enterprise arena are creating needs for additional security and Android management software. In fact, even the cloud is impacting MDM software because the cloud is scalable. Furthermore, the cloud brings about higher levels of productivity.

In America alone, around 50 percent of cell phone users are using a smart phone. Smart phones are attractive because they are used for both business and personal reasons. Utilizing an Android security model is important, especially when a device is being used for business purposes. There are companies that offer solutions for businesses that operate on a BYOD policy. Using the Android in the enterprise arena is not uncommon, and new solutions for security are being created every day. BYOD policies are being adopted by companies every day as well.

Over 91 million smart phone users in the United States have plenty of security and management options to consider for their mobile device. Employees prefer using their own mobile device for work because they are convenient for multiple reasons. Using Android in the enterprise with the cloud is a great way to increase a company’s productivity. However, security solutions must be in place to avoid complications caused by malware, viruses, and hackers. IT departments are able to set security polices from a single remote location without requiring devices to be turned in. More information about MDM software and other mobile solutions for the enterprise is easily found online.