2 Things to consider when choosing server racks

Server racks

The first electronic digital computers date back to the early and mid 40s in the US and the UK. Compared to these computers modern computers are up to billions of times more capable and occupy only a fraction of space. For your computer and equipment, your choice of server racks is as important. So to help you find the perfect server rack, here are three things that you must consider.

The first thing that you have to consider is the size and configuration of the server racks. In this you need to consider not just the size of your equipment, such as the height and the width, but also the work that will be done in the room. You need therefore to determine what is best, such as desktop, wall mounted or just freestanding. You also need to determine the configuration for the connections so that you can choose if you need sliding shelves or not or with rails. For example, compared to tower server that is upright and as standalone cabinet, server rack has low profile enclosure and consolidates network resources. Another example, for large companies, servers enables exchange of data so they may need different servers for different parts of the network. They need therefore the right size and configuration for such functionality.

Second, you need to consider the features of the racks. You need to consider the temperature and the environment. For example, you may need racks with climate control. Or you may need server racks with high seismic rating. Or you may need one with high security features. All these are very important if you want an efficient server rack.