Criteria for Your Custom LCD Solution

Custom lcd display

Looking for custom lcds as part of your product solution? There are several criteria to consider in choosing the best custom LCD as part of your product strategy. A few guidelines will help you compile a list of possible custom lcd suppliers for your situation.

You can start online with reviews from current and previous customers. Customer feedback can give you some insight in business practices, product availability and customization options. The best reviews can also give you an idea of how accessible customer service and tech support are to your questions. You are also looking for customers that have used their custom LCD in a similar situation to confirm that your project is compatible.

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential custom LCD suppliers, you will want to evaluate your specifications against their products and supported platforms. Are you prototyping or is this a production situation? Make sure that any associated software and hardware components will be fully compatible. That can mean testing a number of different solutions before you find the best working model.

Before you get too far into the specification process, you will want to insure that supply and scalability is possible. Can the supplier accommodate you quantity needs for custom LCD panels? If this is a high volume project you may also encounter some timing issues. Your schedule may have some flexibility, but the sooner you can propose a schedule it may insure your ability to have the right panels at the right time.

With the constant evolution of technical components, make sure your custom lcd can be upgraded through the software if you think that will have an impact on the final design. Different design and proof of concept timelines can mean that your solution is almost outdated from the start. You can insure way of mitigating this through using components that can be upgraded as needed. Whichever solution you choose, due diligence can provide a smoother experience.