What are Bail Bonds? – Attorney Newsletter

s arrested and charged with crimes that are serious They must stay in jail until they have an opportunity to appear before an attorney. Judges will make a decision on bail amount in this hearing. The bail amount will be what you need to pay to escape jail. If you can’t afford to cover bail it will be necessary to hire an 24/7 bail bond company to assist you in paying the bond.

The bail bonds firm will come to you at the jail for the posting of bail, or they may visit your house to discuss the bail. If you live far from jail the procedure could be completed over the phone or online. The bail bonds person will charge you between 10 and 15% of the bail. The bail bondsman then places the bail in the jail which will allow the client to be allowed to be released. They must then comply with the regulations set by the judge.

Anyone who has been released is required to attend every court date. If they do not show for these times, the bail company is out of their bail funds. They will then track down the individual and bring the person to jail.