Guide to Following a Home Detox Program – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

home, you don’t require a hospital stay to detox.

Important to remember that the fact that you are detoxing at home won’t necessarily mean you’re completely on your own. Even if a person is conducting a home detox they’ll need to maintain regularly communicating with their health professionals. There may be a prescription for a medicine to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

Your detox should be safe at home , if you opt to take this step. These are the things are important to take into account:

1. Get rid of alcohol in your home Then you can avoid the temptations you will encounter when desires begin to rise.

2. Clean your calendar: This helps you concentrate on recovery.

3. Seek support. It’s best that you have a person from your family or close to keep you safe during the healing process, specifically in the event that withdrawal symptoms turn serious.

The first step towards recovery from an alcohol addiction is detox. Home detox programs may last between 4 and 11 days. It’s safe and effective method to detox from alcohol, no matter what people may say.